Small Projects CDM Management

CDM 2015-Maintenance works & small projects involving more than 1no. Contractor

On projects involving more than 1 no. Contractor there is a requirement to appoint a “Principal Designer” & “Principal Contractor”.

Jab can assist all duty holders with project compliance by ensuring CDM Management systems are implemented in proportionate manner. 

For all projects involving more than 1no. contractor CDM duty holders are required to undertake specified activities to accord with the new regulations.

The level of detail required should be commensurate to the size, complexity and level of risk associated with the project, but in principal should cover all the following duty holder requirements:

  • Appoint duty holders ensuring they have the appropriate skills & resource i.e. Principal Designer & Principal Contractor.
  • Preparation of Client Brief.
  • Provision of Information to assist with design / construction planning e.g. Asbestos, H&S File, Service info.
  • Ensure suitable management arrangements are in place (Pre Commencement) and ensure they are working (Construction Phase).
  • Checking adequacy of the Construction Phase Plan and ensure adequate welfare provisions are in place.
  • Cooperation with the Principal Contractor.
  • Check completion & handover arrangements.
  • Ensure Health and Safety File Information is produced & maintained.
  • Assist Client in identifying, obtaining & collating Pre Construction Information.
  • Provide Pre Construction Information to Designers, Principal Contractors & Contractors.
  • Ensure designers comply with their duties.
  • Liaison with the Principal Contractor for the duration of the appointment.
  • Preparation of the Health and safety File.
  • Management of the Construction phase.
  • Prepare the Construction Phase plan.
  • Ensure welfare is provided & secure the site.
  • Provide a site induction.
  • Provide appropriate site management & supervision.
  • Engage contractors & Workers.